• Have Fun

    Enjoy your summer Whether you are in college or high school the summer off eventually turns to boredom. Spending a week making a difference in your community, and meeting new people may be just what you need. It’s hard work but we play hard too. Join Word in the Street during your summer break.

  • Meet New Friends

      We are passionate about our mission and by volunteering you will meet like minded new friends that share your passions. Volunteers and Staff come from all different walks of life and areas. You will create and build relationships that will last a lifetime.  

  • Make A Difference

    In a week you can help make an impact on a community. With your help we provide activities and meals which opens doors for building relationships with Christ and our local church partners.

  • Change Lives

    The relationships you build with the children, community, and other volunteers can change your life. Building relationships with those with different lives and challenges can enrich your own life.