Word in the Street urban mission is not a recreation-based camp. Although we will have some recreational activities to have fun and build teamwork, be prepared for this to be a “working camp.” We’ll have chapel messages, praise & worship music, group devotionals, group discussions, analyzing of spiritual gifts, individual counseling, evangelism teaching sessions and role-playing. We’ll build the your awareness of your personal Christian testimony and we’ll explore drama skits, object lessons, music, puppetry, social service and other means to reach out to the inner city community to show God’s love, and to strengthen the missionaries walk with God.

Word in the Street attendees will take what they learn and apply it in a variety of hands-on ways in the inner city day camp over several days by partnering with Cincinnati Urban Ministry Outreach pastored by Pat Pugh, this will to provide a local connection for the kids after we leave. As missionaries, you’ll be involve in creating and presenting powerful scripts for drama, object lessons, and puppet shows that you will perform each evening. Set up equipment, including the puppet stage, the sound system, and games which you will operate and play with the kids along with other appropriate outreach activities