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Camp Cost includes all food, lodging, mission T-shirt, training materials and transportation to and from
base camp to and from the mission field.

Camp Cost: $300.00
Deposit $25.00*
Balance owed $275.00**

*Note on “Deposit”: Make $25.00 check or money order payable to Word in the Street. Your deposit
must accompany this application in order for you to be considered for camp. The deposit is non-
refundable, as long as you are accepted for camp. If you are not accepted for camp due to space
limitations or other reasons, your deposit will be refunded to you. Changing your mind about coming to
camp is not grounds for refund of deposit.

**Note on “Balance Owed”: Final payment must be
received by Word in the Street no later than two weeks
prior to camp. Please be prompt with your payment,
since many camp expenses must be paid in advance.
Late payment will be grounds to allow someone else on
a waiting list to take your place at camp.

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Consent and Release (required):
Does the applicant have any conditions that limit or prohibit applicant’s physical activity?
Circle either: YES or NO If yes, please explain below. If no response is given, Word in the
Street will assume applicant can engage in all Word in the Street activities.
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If Yes please explain:

For all applicant’s: I grant permission for the camp or sponsor to use any video images taken of
the applicant at any camp event in their publications.
For parents/guardians of minor applicants (those under 18 years old): I give Word in the Street
permission to have my child participate in all camp activities, unless specifically limited above. I
give my permission for my child to be transported off the camp property for all camp supervised


Applicant Process: Applications will be reviewed as they are received with the $25.00 deposit. If
accepted, a letter and information packet will be sent to the applicant giving more details about the
camp, activity schedule, transportation, what to bring, fundraising, etc.

Mail Deposit to:

Word in the Street
P.O. Box 54481
Cincinnati, Ohio 45254

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