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Word in the Street Urban Mission

Is to reach inner city communities with God’s word and love, and to use this as a tool to teach teens and young adults an effective urban ministry that transforms lives, influences churches, show Gods love, and allows the missionaries to take this experience back to their community where they can start their own Urban Mission.

Word in the Street urban mission will provide education and practical training in mission-based evangelism. We’ll help maturing Christians discover and strengthen their heart for mission, explore styles and methods of outreach, and provide relevant application of their personal skills and spiritual gifts in living and sharing the gospel across cultures by participating in an actual mission/outreach project.

What do you think?

Do you get excited when you consider the positive impact for God’s Kingdom of a training program based on the statements above? Maybe you have a heart for reaching out with the gospel message into many cultures, but you can’t head off on mission trips yourself.

There are many people with the Godly desire, abilities and time to be trained for mission work, but some of them lack the finances to participate. One way you can help spread the good news of God’s love and His plan of salvation is by dedicating some of your financial resources to help others go into the rest of the world with the gospel.

Word in the Street urban mission will gratefully receive your financial donation, and we’ll use it to assist individuals to come to camp and receive training and experience in missionary service.

Word in the Street urban mission is a legally chartered non-profit, tax-exempt ministry. Any donations made to this camp will be receipted and can be claimed as tax deductible under U.S. IRS tax rules.

To make a donation, please make check or money order payable to “Word in the Street” Urban Mission and mail to:

Word in the Street
P.O. Box 54481
Cincinnati, Ohio 45254

To discuss donations, contact the camp Secretary at the above mailing address,or e-mail address:

We appreciate your consideration of support for our missionary training camp program.