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We do Word in the Street Urban Mission to give you, the  Missionary the experience of mission outreach, but most important it is to give the kids that attend the day camp the opportunity to be a kid for a week in a safe and loving enviroment.

Word in the Street Urban Mission welcomes missionaries ages 15 to 24 to attend and experience working with inner city kids ages 4 to 12 years of age. so spread the word to your friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates, and others. (If someone under age 15 desires to attend, contact Word in the Street for special consideration).

Word in the Street urban mission camp will provide education and practical training in mission-based evangelism. We’ll help you the missionary discover and strengthen your heart for mission outreach, explore styles and methods of outreach, and provide relevant application of their personal skills and spiritual gifts in living and sharing the gospel across cultures by participating in the actual operations of a kid’s day camp.

We are looking for people who want to explore how to reach out to others with the Good News of God’s relational love for them now, and on into eternal life. This camp will work to deepen each attendee’s personal relationship with God and seek to ignite and feed the flame of personal commitment to fulfil the Great Commission.

Word in the Street urban mission camp is not designed to be comfortable; it is meant to be transformational. The training may stretch you, the outreach for sure will, the temperatures will be hot and the days will be long. But you will find yourself falling in love with the kids, and it will change their lives and yours forever.

If you are looking for new challenges to stimulate growth in your Christian walk, if you are ready to reach outside yourself and invest in the lives of others, if you can accept the challenge of operating in a different environment, and if you want to share your heart and testimony with others who need to know Jesus . . . this camp may be just right for you.

Word in the Street Urban Mission is held every year in the inner city of Cincinnati, Ohio serving the communities of Moosewoods and Millvale.