Why would I attend Word in the Street instead of another mission camp program?

Answer: There is room for many camps with different program priorities as we all seek to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus. At Word in the Street, we intend to focus on three aspects. First, to help each participant discover and analyze his/her unique personal gifts, talents, and heart in relationship to his/her Christian service. Second, to train each participant in practical ways he/she can apply his/her talents in outreach evangelism. Third, to participate in a hands-on evangelism experience in a different environment. Rather than do only one type of project during camp, Word in the Street participants will take advantage of a wide variety of ministry activities for missionary work. Our prayer is that each participant will realize life-change in his/her own life and in the lives of those to whom we reach out.


What is the purpose of this Mission Trip?

Answer: To reach children in their community by giving them a week of experiencing Jesus, while teaching teens and young adults how to use their gifts for evangelism. Then they can take this experience home and use it in their own community.


Will I need to know a lot about the Bible before I come?

Answer: No, we will teach you what you need to know in the workshops, even though we have a Christian foundation, the programs are aimed at helping children to worship as children.


Will I have to preach to the kids or parents?

Answer: No, you will sing Christian songs and use puppets, drama, and object lessons to teach the kids.


How will the camp be organized?

Answer: The camp will run from Monday through Thursday and consists of games and crafts, an educational presentation, a brief worship service, followed by the evening meal.


What is the educational part?

Answer: Fun activities like building a tower using popsicle sticks, Fire Safety, Rope knot game, Personal hygiene, etc..


What are the Activities?

Answer: Activities include carnival like games such as brain freeze, water bottle rockets, carpet ball, slip and slide, and several others.


What will we be teaching the kids?

Answer: Bible stories about character traits such as self-esteem, integrity, caring, and other life issues.


What kind of historical experience does Word in the Street Urban Mission have?

Answer: We’ve been doing this mission under Christ Community Church since 2004 where we’ve learned to do it the year before in Toledo, Ohio. 2009 is the first year as a member of the international family of camps sponsored by Generations Ministry of the Grace Communion International (GCI). GCI has been running camps every year since 1965, and currently has 18 regional camps across the U.S. as well as camps in Canada, Africa, the Philippines, Europe and other countries. Word in the Street urban mission operates under the supervision of Generations Ministry, so we have the benefit of over four decades of history and the combined experience of dozens of camp locations and thousands of camp participants.